Pamela's promises
You made promises:
1. You promised that you will do anything to protect our relationship
   1a. You promised that you will everything to make our relationship last forever!
2. You promised that you will protect me from any harm >> other women, 
           friends, family, inlaws, exWife, exGF, anybody, vices, money, 
           gambling, addiction to drugs or alcohol or others, any
           bad characters that would affect both of us
3.You promised you will STOP being negative 
  3a  focusing only to your High School grad
  3b  thinking that you are stupid bcoz of only high grad
  3c  feeling low self esteem and fear of many comparison to females / males that 
                 might have higher educational achievement
  3d  Fear of losing me
  3e  Fear of hurting you if you lose me...
  3f   Fear of you are not enough
  3g  fear of my standard is high and you are  disappointing me
  3h  other fears..
4. You promised you will no longer curse and say bad words
   4d  other negative and bad words...
5. You promised you will focus on your good sides
  5a Good characters 
     >> sweet, 
     >> charming, 
     >> smart, 
     >> caring, 
     >> thoughtful, 
     >> helpful, 
     >> humble, 
     >> flexible, 
     >> understanding, 
     >> jealous enough to certain extent but NOT hold someon to his neck, 
     >> not controlling
     >> handling various many people well
     >> many more...
  5b  focus on the areas of accomplishments and skills that you had developed
      5b-1 training in different diff languages
            -and Filipino dialect - Ilongo and other visayan languages
       5b-2 Received various certificates 
            -Handling dextrose, 
            -various injections 
            -handling cancer, diabetic, heart problematic patient, etc
            -handling insulin, 
            -handling NGT, etc
       5b-3  Can speak English fluently and spontaneous ;  only needed few grammar corrections and others
            -Better speaker than other who have college degree
            -can spontaneously explain incidences and stories
            -had taught Rana and Nadja how to speak english
            -had guided children under your care when in HK and Singapore
            -had good conversations with different types of people
                -- foreigners >> Germans, Saudi and Lebanon Citizens, HK locals, singaporeans, 
                -- managers,
                -- supv,
                -- business owners,
                -- and big time CEOs or Kings as employers in Saudi, 
   5c  - Able to independently open small businesses
            5c-1  RestoBar and Small retail store
                -- managed various types of employees from cashier, servers, chef, house keepers
                -- acquisition of various products from  of drinks snacks, food and others to attract more customers
                -- operate the business for xx years
                -- handled various types of customers
            5c-2   Small retail store
                -- managed various2 types of employees   
                -- daily investories
                -- acquisition of various products from various Suppliers
                -- provided training to staff to develop strategies on selling fast and best method            
            5c-3   and Small Lending services
                -- helping others with financial difficulties while you can earn some profits as well              
                -- ATM transactions
                -- Securing loans to provide the services
                -- Lots of people were thankful to get loans because they can NOT easily get loans from the banks
6. You promised to learn English and start with me telling you your Grammar mistakes and learn from it.
    6a Practice daily  by listening to newscaster or TV intervies and simulating how they talk and 
    6b Reading books
    6c Writing to put them in practice
    6d conversing with other americans or Fluent english speakers
    6e Youtube tutorials
7. You promised you will listen to me and follow my positive advises and grow
8. There are many more, but its too much time consuming to type and think of those many things!
   ** to be continued
** end **