Updated:   Tue, 11-03-20


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FAQ for Tokenizing your Real Estate property

Q: What are the requirements to be a developer and a licensed Tokenizing

A:  Lono, you can answer this question.. Dont know the procedure and all


Q:  How do you digitize your money?

A:  by Tokenizing; krypto??


Q1: -Is this a pyramid scheme??

A1"-No.  You bring in your friends / family and they would be under you.   


Q2:-What do you gain from Tokenizing?

A2:  To securitize an asset means to divide it into shares that you can sell to investors. In the same way, to “tokenize” an asset is to divide it into shares, or “tokens”, that represent a predefined share of the underlying asset. They are therefore often called “security tokens"


Q3: How long does it take to complete your tokenizing your real estate

A4:  From 6- 12 months, approximately.  Also, it depends on your sitution